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Accessing Ultra Web Conferencing in MyLO

Web conference sessions are managed by  your lecturer or tutor ( moderator). They are responsible for directing the activities that take place during a web conferencing session. During a web conference , you should be able to communicate with the Moderator and fellow participants using a microphone and speakers and/ or a text chat feature. The Moderator will let you know the date and time of your web conferencing session and when it is available on MyLO.

How you access Ultra will be up to your Lecturer (the Moderator). You will either receive a link via email or you will access the web conference via MyLO.

Accessing Ultra via MyLO

1. Login to MyLO and access  your unit by selecting it from the My Units Widget .

Screen shot of the unit titles in the My Units widget.

2. There are a few ways to access the link to web conferencing from within MyLO. Firstly you can access the link to Web Conferencing from within your content. Press on this link to open the Collaborate Interface.

Press on the Ultra Collaborate link in your unit

3. You can also access a link to web conferencing via your navigation bar. Press Communication, then select Web Conferencing:

Press on Communication/ web conferencing to access your room

4. Press on the name of the room you have been asked to join. This will open up a new window and may take a few moments to load.

The new window will load

For the best experience we recommend using the Google Chrome Browser. For more information on which browser to use please access this link:

5. Once in the web conferencing room you can then go through the steps of setting up your Audio and Video. This will be turned off by default when you first access your room.

You can now get your audio and video sorted for the conference

6. Select the microphone that you want to use in the session. Say  something,  and if you are told it is OK press Yes -Its Working to go onto the next step..
Seelct your Microphone and practice saying something until you get the tick of approval

7. Now select the web camera you want to use( this is not essential, so skip this step if you do not have one).

Select your camera if you have one. It will remain off unless you turn it on

8. Once both items are set up correctly you are ready to turn either of these on as needed. Be aware that your lecturer as moderator may request that all video and audio is turned off until a specific time in the conference. Unless you are speaking it is polite to mute your microphone which you can easily do by pressing the microphone icon as shown below.

When you are ready you can turn on your Audio and/or video

9. You can add an avatar that shows up instead of video if you choose. Instructions on how to do this are found here:

10. An overview of the tools can be found here: