MyLO - My Learning Online

Accessing the Calendar

This guide demonstrates how you can access the Calendar tool to view your up and coming events within MyLO. All assignment due dates in your unit will appear in your unit calendar - as long as your lecturer has added a due date to the assignment. Other assessable item due dates (such as quizzes) will appear in the calendar if your lecturer has enabled this function. You are also able to add tasks for other items so they also show up in your calendar in MyLO by using the Add a task function.

  1. You can access your Calendar from the MyLO Home page or a Unit Home page. Navigate to the Calendar widget on the right hand side of the screen. Select the calendar title. This action will take you to the calendar page.
    Access the calendar from the Home page or from within your unit
  2. Choose which format you would like to display your calendar in by selecting Agenda, Day, Week, Month or List from the menu provided.
    Sort your calendar by Day, Week, Month or list
  3. Choose your unit Calendar by selecting the Action Arrow located next to the current unit calendar title. Select your unit from the list provided. Note : Each unit you are studying will have its own calendar.
    Choose a Unit specific calendar to view events associated with that unit
  4. For a condensed view of the calendar schedule, select the unit calendar title link. This action will take you to the Calendar Schedule page for your chosen unit.
  5. The calendar schedule will display all up and coming events for that specific unit.
    Choose list view to see all the claendar events currently in the unit