MyLO - My Learning Online

Student Progress - accessing

This guide demonstrates how you can monitor your progress through out your units in MyLO using the Student Progress tool.

  1. From the MyLO Home page, click on your name in the blue minibar. From the personal menu , click on Progress. This will take you to your Progress Summary page.
    Select Student Progress from the options underneath your name
  2. The Progress Summary page will list each of your current units in the left hand navigation menu. If you access the Progress Summary tool from your personal menu within a unit, you will see only that unit listed in the left had navigation menu. Under each unit, you can check your progress overall using the unit summary. You can also separately view your progress in grades, objectives, content, discussions, assignment submissions, quizzes, checklists, surveys and login history.
    Select your unit from the left hand side navigation, or if accessing the Progress while in your unit- you will see that units Progress information
  3. Select an item from the left hand navigation menu to view your progress within that tool. For example, select Grades. This will show you the grades you have recieved so far within your unit, and any associated feedback ( excludes Turnitin comments via Grademark).
    Example- press grades and access available grades and feedback
  4. If your unit requires you to make regular posts to the discussion forums, you can monitor your progress by selecting the Discussions option in the left hand navigation menu. This will display the number of posts you have read, the number of threads you have created, and the number of replies you have posted. Click on your posts tilte to view your contribution to the discussion forum ( this will take you directly to the Discussions tool within your unit).
    You can moderate how many discussion posts you have read and replied too. Pressing on the link will take you directly to the reply
  5. To exit the Progress tool, select the My Home or Unit Home links in the blue minibar.