MyLO - My Learning Online

Sign Up for Tutorial Groups

This guide demonstrates how you can sign up for a tutorial group in MyLO.

  1. You can access your groups from the Unit Home page. Select Groups from the navbar. This action will take you to the Groups page.
    Access Groups from you navbar in your unit
  2. The Groups that you are already enrolled in will be displayed. This will include groups such as Unit Groups, and ones already created by your lecturer. To view other groups that you need to sign up for, press on View Available Groups.
    Groups will open up on the groups you are already enrolled in. Select View available groups to self enrol in a group
  3. The Available Groups will be displayed. Join your group by selecting the corresponding Join Group link. This action will add you to the group.
    Select Join Group
  4. The My Groups section will now detail which group you have joined. If a group is full it will state this. If you have joined the wrong group and need to join another, you will need to select the Leave Group link. This action will open up a pop-up asking whether you are sure you want to leave this group. Select OK. Note: You can only leave Self Enrolment groups- not groups your lecturer has enrolled you in, or ones you are automatically enrolled in.
    Select leave group if you selected the wrong group. Then join another.
  5. The page will refresh to show the available groups you can choose from. Follow step 3 of this guide to join another group.
  6. To view members of a group, click on the numbers corresponding to each group under the members column: for example 1/2. This indicates that one person has joined a group that has a maximum of 2 members. This will open a pop up listing the members within your group. If you just get a blank page, grab the edge of the pop up with your mouse and drag it open a little.
    View who is enrolled in your group