Changing your career can be full of challenges, but Costa Papas knew he was up to the task when he decided, after 16 years of working as a cab driver, it was time for a change.

I’ve always been interested in the field of health, I chose the Bachelor of Health and Community Care because it gave me the opportunity to learn about the medical and social conditions that affect health at an individual and community level.

Costa was concerned about the challenges facing mature students returning to study at university, but he soon realised it would not be a problem. 

“I chose the University of Tasmania because, as a mature age student without a tertiary education, I was nervous about my ability to study at this level. But I didn’t need to worry.  The University’s academic staff have an open door policy where you are encouraged to drop in.”

“They also have small class sizes and the UniStart program which creates a relaxed learning atmosphere, which really helps mature students transition into university life.”

Costa was even able to work part-time while he studied.

"I was nervous about my ability to study at this level. But I didn’t need to worry."

The Bachelor of Health and Community Care offers a broad overview of healthcare and it provided me with the skills to get part-time work in healthcare industry while I complete my studies.

Flexibility is always important when going through a career change and so it was important for Costa to be able to make adjustments within the course.

The Bachelor of Health and Community Care gives me the time and information to decide which area of health I want to specialise in. I initially wanted to work as a paramedic but now, after my first year, I realise that I would like to work as a community nurse.

From cab driver to community nurse – with the University of Tasmania, there are countless opportunities for change.

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