Jessica Horton has just completed her first year of her Medical Research degree, and a remarkable overseas science camp has cemented her goal to one day make amazing discoveries herself.

“I find health fascinating; to be able to fix something that’s gone wrong and improve people’s quality of life. With this course I have a guaranteed pathway into Medicine.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the degree, but it has been really good. It was great to be able to learn the stuff I’d wanted to learn for a long time and delve into all the different areas of anatomy. It was quite fun. I’m looking forward to next year.

After scoring an HD on an online quiz competition testing science knowledge, Jessica was selected to be part of the Australian Delegation that went to the Asian Science Camp in India.

“They packed a lot into the week we were there. We had lectures from world-renowned researchers. There were about 10 different Nobel Laureates to talk to us. It was very interesting! Then we had more open dialogue with Indian researchers who were talking about their field of study. 

“We also had a competition in groups of six with people from different countries where we had to research a science topic. We had to think of, and present, a new idea in order to develop that technology. 

Students from more than 20 countries attended the camp.

We also had excursions and visited research laboratories in Bangalore. We got to see a neuroscience lab, a nanoelectronics lab, and a shockwave hydrosonic lab. They were really cool.

“The sort of research and study the lecturers are doing is just mind-blowing.

“They covered physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry. There were students from more than 20 countries there. Everyone that was there had a passion for one of those areas, and it was very interesting to meet everyone.”

Jessica has been living in Tasmania for five years, after moving from WA.

“My family and I are very close, so I wanted to stay in Tasmania.

"The Menzies Research Institute particularly is just fantastic. Three years ago I did the youth science forum and we had a tour of Menzies and they were telling us about the research they’re doing into diabetes and DFTD- it’s just incredible. 

“I had also heard that the Medical school at UTAS is very good, so I was very happy to go there.

“I was staying at Jane Franklin Hall, so I got to know lots of the Medical students. It was really fun.

“I hope to be a surgeon; I’m not sure what type of surgeon yet. And then hopefully work in clinical research, clinical trials, and developing new techniques.”