Some people think that creativity and science are polar opposites. But we know better! Science needs creative thinking, innovation and imagination to really thrive. If you’re interested in architecture and design, IT or spatial sciences, then come along to our Open Day at Inveresk. We’ll help you find the perfect course to study and give you inspiration for your future career.

1. Architecture and Design Career Conversations: Where Could Your Degree Take You?

Do buildings, design and interiors fascinate you? Architecture and Design could be the perfect study option for you. Come along to this presentation to find out about the career possibilities that come with studying Architecture and Design.

When: 12pm.

Where: Rory Spence Lecture Theatre.

2. The Future is Technology! Study Options and Careers in Computing and IT

IT is a massive industry, and it needs innovative people with a love of technology. Our courses include elements of app design, gaming, virtual reality and other cutting-edge aspects of IT. Come to this mini expo and hear about the huge range of career possibilities open to you with a degree in IT.

When: All day.

Where: Seminar Room 118, Architecture and Design Building.

3. Seeing the Unseen, Mapping the Unexplored and Understanding the World with Geography, Surveying and Spatial Sciences

 Come along to this event and learn about study options and careers in the vibrant and high-tech surveying and spatial sciences industry. You can literally shape the world with our kinetic world-builder, and learn how drones are helping humanity solve local and global problems. There’s a whole world of possibilities when you study Geography, Surveying and Spatial Sciences.

When: All day.

Where: Seminar Room 118, Architecture and Design Building.

4. Music, Food and Fun brought to you by Architecture and Design

We’ll have heaps of music, food and entertainment to enjoy while you explore our award-winning Architecture and Design building, and get inspired for your creative future!

When: 12.30pm, 1pm, 1.30pm

Where: Architecture and Design Building.

5. Motorsport Team

Why just read textbooks about engineering when you can actually build a race car at Uni? And then drive it? Formula SAE is the world’s biggest engineering annual design competition and it’s embedded into our Engineering curriculum. Listen for the roar of the engine and come and check it out!

When: All day.

Where: Engineering marquee.

Register now for Open Day and enter our Gap Weekend comp! You will go into the draw to win stacks of great prizes, including a Nintendo Switch, GoPro Hero, iPad Wi-Fi 32GB! You can also create your own personalised Open Day timetable.

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