It’s never too late to change career direction, according to University of Tasmania graduate Rebecca Foxen who, after a decade working as a lawyer, has returned to study with her sights set on working as a paramedic.

Rebecca is on the verge of completing her Bachelor of Paramedic Practice. Ambitious, energetic, and eager to get into the workplace as soon as possible, she’s completed her degree in just two years, thanks to the University’s flexible fast-track course.

“I’m one to throw myself in 100 percent, so the fast-track degree has been great for me,” Rebecca said.

Living, working, and studying in Tasmania has many advantages. In the morning, I might be attending a university lecture or doing some business consultancy work. In the afternoon, I could be rock climbing, scuba diving, or mountain bike riding.

An experienced outdoor guide and multi-sport enthusiast, Rebecca has previous experience in first aid and major event emergency response. This background provided the catalyst for her career change. 

“I thrive on problem solving and working outdoors, so the lifestyle of a paramedic appeals to me.

“I’m not one to do a nine-to-five job!”

Rebecca credits the University of Tasmania subject and placement offerings with providing a unique learning experience.

“I’ve had practical placements with Ambulance Tasmania and in obstetrics and aged care.

These placements have given me amazing insight into the varied work of a paramedic – this combination isn’t offered anywhere else.

“There’s also a strong focus on mental health patient training, which is really valuable given the changing nature of ambulance work and non-acute care.

“The tutors are practicing ‘on-road’ paramedics, so we know we’re getting real-world training.”

Working in a highly charged work environment, such as paramedicine, has unique challenges and Rebecca believes this is where the fast-track course stands out. 

“Our cohort was small – only around 40 students, which is rare, in comparison with other institutions, so we’ve become really tight-knit.

We will end up scattered across the globe, but I’m confident we’ll still have that lifelong support network because of the bond we shared at the University of Tasmania.

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