Degrees offering mid-year entry allow you to start study in second semester, so there’s no need to wait for the new year to enrol. If the time is right, take the leap with mid-year entry and start your course sooner in 2019.

1. There are plenty of options for mid-year entry

Many of our undergraduate and postgraduate programs offer mid-year entry options. Starting mid-year doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t start in the course you really want. Explore undergraduate and postgraduate courses with mid-year entry.

2. You might have missed out on a place or want a change

If you weren’t offered a place in your preferred course for first semester, you may be able to apply again and enter in second semester instead (depending on the requirements and quota of the course). Mid-year entry is also a good option for people who want to change courses seamlessly, without missing a semester of study.

3. You could still graduate at the same time, or even sooner

Some degrees allow you make-up the units you would usually have studied during first semester by taking summer or spring units. Check online to see if your degree offers these extra-semester units, and you could graduate at the same time with everyone who studied from the beginning of the year.

4. You won’t be alone when you start mid-year

Mid-year entry is popular for all kinds of reasons, so when you start in second semester, you’ll be starting alongside many other students. If mid-year entry is an option in your course, there’s no need to wait. Explore our Ask Us page for help with your second semester transition.

Interested in mid-year entry at the University of Tasmania? Apply now.

Students commencing in second semester can also apply for scholarships before midnight 30 June 2019.