As a Registered Nurse, a soldier, and a student, Nev Stott is used to overcoming obstacles.

So when an “unexpected hiccup” came during his Bachelor of Paramedic Practice and he was deployed to Iraq, but he still managed to finish his studies.

Nev, who lives in Melbourne, was in Hobart for a work function that luckily coincided with his graduation ceremony so he could process with his classmates.

And even better than that, his wife Nici surprised him by coming to his ceremony.

I didn’t know Nic was coming, I thought I was going to be here by myself. It’s pretty good, it’s worked out well!

Nici was supposed to arrive a day earlier but her flight was cancelled. Luckily, she managed to fly in to graduations about an hour before the ceremony kicked off.  

“I’m very proud because this is his third degree and it’s a good plan for the future,” she said.

Nev admits to being “a sucker for study” and said his Paramedic Practice graduation has been a long time coming.

“I’m an RN but I’m in the army at the moment. As medics they train us as the diploma, so I’ve done the conversion to go to full time onto bachelor level with a view to Paramedicine.”

Nev completed his course part-time over three years for conversion from diploma to bachelor’s course, taking two units per semester.

I love the clinical aspect, that just blows me away. Being able to have that knowledge to help people and effect people’s lives is really good and very satisfying.

Despite his deployment to Iraq, Nev insists it’s actually Nici who has to be resilient.

“I just jump into the office at night time and she doesn’t see me until 3am.”

Nev said he feels well prepared by the course.

“In terms of medical and physiology it’s brilliant and it prepared me to take the next step in my career.

I have to shout out to the lecturers. The flexibility, the understanding, their approach to teaching was really good and really helpful.

Three degrees down the track, Nev still has goals for himself.

“Medicine would be amazing but I’m getting old. Flight paramedic would be the ultimate top job for myself,” he said.

In the meantime, the couple agree their seven-year-old daughter who stayed home, might have the next ceremony they attend.

“Hers will be the next graduation we go to I think,” said Nev.

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