Helping others has always been 28-year-old Vincent Chau’s goal. Now that he has received a Master of Clinical Psychology, he’s got more skills than ever to continue his mission.

Vincent received his master’s at the University’s mid-year graduation ceremonies, surrounded by his proud family. Though he lives in Sydney now, Vincent studied in Tasmania and was happy to come back to participate with his family in the event.

“I’ve been working towards this for a while. It feels like a big load off my shoulders and giving myself time to celebrate it is actually really nice,” he said.

I decided to study the master’s because I really wanted to help people. My specific area of interest is drugs and alcohol. I want to help people that go through substance abuse issues.

Vincent works in schools in western Sydney.

“There’s a lot of early intervention work involved, making sure young people get the love and attention they need beforehand.”

The work is tough but rewarding.

I get to be genuine, I get to help people before they hit the pointy end of the system.

“There are people helping in that space, but we always need more.”

Vincent is aiming to keep working in this area but said after an inspiring speech given at his ceremony from scientist and former Australian Antarctic Division Director Dr Nick Gales, he may consider a career move in the future. 

I want to keep working in this area. After the speech that was given today, I might do some policy work in the area but keep working with children and young people.

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