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People are at the heart of what a university such as the University of Tasmania is all about.

We are there to create opportunities for our students, to work with the communities that we are so much a part of and to see our staff flourish as they contribute both locally and to the world.

Many of our people are bonded by a belief that education will help people be what they want to be and live the life they want for themselves.

That’s what jumps out at me from the pages of this issue of O2t.

From the truly inspiring story of Rhonda Ewart, who recently celebrated 60 years of service to the University, to the work which is happening to help those in ourcommunity deal with dementia.

And our cover story about Taylor Franklin-Smith; a North-West coaster, who initially laughed at the idea that university study was for her, now finding her associate degree with us relevant, rewarding and satisfying.

These stories are inspiring for us, and I hope they may be inspiring for you too.

Download the current issue (PDF 12MB)

Rufus Black
Professor Rufus Black

Smoke signals way to best practice

A real-world experiment is drawing on the concept of renewal ecology to help explore the relationship between fire and herbivore activity in Tasmania’s Midlands.

Researchers from the University of Tasmania’s School of Natural Sciences, in collaboration with Bush Heritage Australia, have conducted a unique field experiment at Beaufront, a privately-owned farm located east of Ross where rare grassy woodland remnants are managed under a stewardship agreement.