Our mission to embed the University of Tasmania in the heart of the community and its cities is taking shape through major developments in Hobart’s CDB, and with planning underway for inner-city campuses in Launceston and on the Cradle Coast.

The University has taken on a role as an instrument of economic and social rejuvenation, mindful that the post-industrial economic future will put a premium on innovation and human capital. We also strive to provide an extraordinary environment: one which conducts world-leading research, which informs and enriches what we teach, while continuing to develop exciting learning and social spaces.

We are guided by the principle that what we offer here should be equal to or better than what you will find anywhere in higher education elsewhere.

– Professor Peter Rathjen,
University of Tasmania

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Peter Rathjen
Professor Peter Rathjen

A matter of degrees

Katy Perry has one. So does Tom Hanks and Star Wars creator George Lucas. Not to mention genomic research pioneer Dr Craig Venter. Associate degrees – awarded by colleges upon completion of a course of study lasting two years – are relatively unknown in Australia but have been a feature of American tertiary education for more than a century. Now the University of Tasmania is preparing to introduce its own form of associate degrees.

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