Open to Talent


Partnerships pivotal to our success

Professor Peter Rathjen, Vice-ChancellorThe end of 2014 sees the Higher Education sector in Australia preoccupied with the potential brave new world of deregulation.

While the University of Tasmania must anticipate unique opportunities and challenges associated with our privileged situation on the island, we look forward confident that the three core priorities of our strategic plan Open to Talent – research, students and community – provide an appropriate foundation.

Tasmania faces challenging questions – from health and education outcomes to regional and economic development more broadly.

These “wicked” problems require new approaches; evidence-based, grounded in partnerships and taking a long term view.

You will find in this edition of O2t a description of some of our endeavours to bring collaborative big thinking to those issues of greatest import.

The Sense-T island-wide ICT program, the University’s new five-year ‘Bigger Things’ partnership with the State Government to improve educational outcomes and the $12 million Clinical Redesign program focused on improving acute patient care and boosting hospital efficiency in Tasmania all speak to this sense of purpose.

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– Professor Peter Rathjen,