In this edition of O2t, we are launching a campaign, A New State of Mind, to explain how the University of Tasmania is reshaping higher education in this State, making it more relevant to Tasmanians and their futures, regardless of their circumstances.

Our new, refreshed curriculum will not only expand minds but expand employment opportunities for our students.

We are intent on providing heightened levels of experiential learning and embedding applied research in our programs so that our graduates have the tools to excel in an increasingly competitive and uncertain world.

This is a new approach to higher education with the needs of Tasmania and Tasmanians at its epicentre. This is our New State of Mind.

Professor Peter Rathjen,
University of Tasmania

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Peter Rathjen
Professor Peter Rathjen

Creating a new state of mind

At the University of Tasmania we understand that every student is different, with unique backgrounds, interests and ambitions. Yet education unites us all in helping us succeed in our chosen careers; in developing the skills and confidence to change directions, and in providing each of us with the tools to make sense of the complex world that we live in. We know education benefits us as individuals but also rising levels of education produce healthier, wealthier and more innovative communities.

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