Your uni life starts here!

Orientation is the beginning of your time at university and vital to ensuring you're ready to commence studies in Week 1. During Orientation you will have the opportunity to:                                                                                                                                                               
  • Figure out how university works; what you can expect from us and what we expect from you
  • Connect with key staff who you'll be working with as you complete your studies
  • Make social connections with other students studying in the same course
  • Learn about support services we provide to ensure your time at uni is happy and successful
  • Find out what you need to have sorted so you know what you need to be doing during your first week of study
  • Organise critical resources such as timetables and campus maps for on campus students, and course materials and reading lists for distance students
  • Participate in compulsory information sessions for international students and for students studying in certain courses
  • Enjoy formal and informal welcome sessions
  • Join off-campus excursions, campus tours, and "need to know" activities about services like the Library and IT Services
  • Have fun, get information and get ready for uni!

Students who participate in Orientation are better prepared for uni and are better able to manage the challenges that students face during their first year.  Conversely students who don't participate in Orientation often find themselves struggling to catch up and this can have ongoing implications.  We strongly encourage ALL students to participate in Orientation.  Just follow the links below for more information.

On Campus Students   Distance Students

For more information about Orientation, contact Orientation.Coordinator@utas.edu.au