Group of students at a PASS session

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) program offers optional study sessions in selected units, facilitated by senior students who have completed the unit and gained high marks. You get the chance to deepen your understanding of core concepts and learn how to study in your discipline in a friendly class with your fellow students.

PASS sessions are informal seminars, in which you review notes, discuss readings, develop study tools, and prepare for examinations. PASS sessions focus on integrating course content (what to learn) with academic reasoning and study skills (how to learn). Students who regularly attend PASS tend to earn higher subject grades, and withdraw less often, than students who don't attend PASS.

Whether you want to study with a group, find yourself struggling with a particular concept, or just want to keep getting those high distinctions, everyone can benefit from PASS.

To find out if PASS runs in a unit you will be studying, visit the PASS website.