Student Centre & eStudent Centre

The Student Centre provides information, administrative and other support services for the University’s prospective and enrolled students. From enrolment to graduation, the Student Centre can help you with the administrative side of University. For more information, see:

  • Ready for Uni includes the enrolment process, fees, ID cards, 1st year faculty links and other information to help you get organised.
  • Current Students has links to all the tools and information that you will need.
  • Ask Student Centre for FAQs or to email your enquiry to Student Centre.

The Student Centre has offices on the Sandy Bay (Hobart), Newnham (Launceston) and Cradle Coast campuses. You can also phone the Student Centre on 1300 361 928 or email Student Centre.

eStudent Centre Logo

The UTAS eStudentCentre provides students with the ability to view and manage their student enrolment and student details online. Using the eStudentCentre means that you can carry out many administrative tasks wherever you can find an internet connection. To find out more about the eStudentCentre and how it works, take a tour.