Key Dates

Student at computer

Key university dates are dates that you need to be familiar with right now. These dates are your guide to what will be happening at key points during the year. You can access key dates for the current year.

The three items below are critical dates you should check as soon as possible.


Semester 1 (February-June) and Semester 2 (July-November) are the main academic semesters. They include 13 teaching weeks, a mid-semester break and a one-week study period before exams start. Note down these dates in your diary and year planner so that you know when you will be focused on study and when you have time off. There are also semesters in summer, winter and spring, which are intensive study sessions offered across a limited range of units.


Exams for most units are conducted at the end of each semester. Exam Timetables are made available to students usually about one month before exams commence and can be accessed via the eStudentCentre in the Exam Timetable area. Remember to use your email username and password to gain access.


Census date is the cut-off date for your enrolment and has implications for both your academic and financial commitments. Any units which you are enrolled in after Census date will incur a fee and will be deemed assessable and appear on your academic record. Your enrolment and all administrative details must be finalised by the census date that has been set for each unit. Details regarding the census dates for individual units are available in the Course & Unit Handbook.