Unit Outlines

In each unit you study, you will be given a unit outline in the first week. Make sure that you have one, that you keep it somewhere easy to find, and that you read through it thoroughly. Key points to take note of in your unit outline are:

  • Unit Coordinator - The Unit Coordinator is the academic staff member responsible for the unit. Usually, the Unit Coordinator teaches some of the course content. Their contact details will be in the unit outline.
  • Other teaching staff - There may be additional staff involved in teaching the unit as lecturers and tutors. You will see them in class and they will tell you the best ways to make contact with them, and when they are available for consultation.
  • Assessment tasks and timing - The unit outline will list all assessment tasks for that unit. It will tell you what the task is, when it is due and what percentage of the total mark for the unit the task is worth.
  • Referencing policy - There are specific requirements on how written work is presented and referenced at university. However, these requirements may differ between units. Each unit outline will set out the style you need to follow for assessments in that unit. For more information on referencing, see Academic Integrity
  • Lecture and tutorial topics - The unit outline may contain a weekly listing of the topics covered in lectures and tutorials. You can use this list to make sure you are keeping up with the content. In some unit outlines, you will be told how to prepare with readings and other required tasks to be accomplished each week prior to the class.