Your Timetable

Students walking around campus

Finding out about your timetable is up to you. Your timetable will depend on the particular units you have enrolled in during semester, as well as the particular tutorial/practical or workshop sessions you sign up for. This means that every student will have a different timetable.

Go through these steps to make a workable timetable:

  1. You will need to access your timetable online or through eStudentCentre. Search for Lectures Only for the units you are enrolled in, and make sure you select the correct campus and semester if you are searching using the unit codes.
  2. Write down those lecture times in a master weekly planner.
  3. In the first week of semester, you will be asked to sign up for tutorials/workshops/practicals. You will be given a number of different times to choose from, so you can select the most suitable timeslot for you. To help you select your preferred times you should print out a separate timetable for each unit, with "all classes" selected.
  4. Write down your tutorial/workshop/practical session times in your master weekly planner.
  5. Keep your master weekly planner somewhere easy to find and refer to – and make sure you get to class!

Distance students may not have lectures and tutorials/workshops/practicals to attend. However, you may have study schools or residential requirements where you have to attend classes on campus. When you receive information about these classes, make sure to write it into your diary.