Getting Around Campus

Students walking along pathway with trees either side

Campus Maps

Finding your way around campus can be confusing at first. Allow time to look around and find the venues you will be using for your classes, and later in the semester, for exams. You can download campus maps.

Building numbers and room numbers will appear on your timetable. You will need to become familiar with these to find your way around campus.  There is a campus code which appears before the building and room numbers. This code will identify which campus the building is on:

  • SB = Sandy Bay
  • NH = Newnham
  • IR = Inveresk
  • CC = Cradle Coast
  • CA = (Centre for the Arts) Hunter Street

Building numbers are shown on the campus maps and may appear as numbers, letters or both. Room numbers are identified by floor and then individual rooms. For example, '236' is on the second floor.

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