Student Advisers

Staff member talking to students

Your Student Adviser is your first point of contact to assist you with adjusting to university life and to help resolve any issues that may be affecting your studies. A discussion with your Student Adviser offers a friendly and informal setting where you can talk in confidence.

Your adviser will refer you to specialised support if necessary and follow up to see how you are going. From simple requests for information, to more complex and serious matters, Student Advisers are your first point of contact.

Your Student Adviser can help if you:

  • Have a question and don't know who to ask
  • Need help understanding university procedures or accessing facilities or online systems
  • Have personal circumstance/s having an adverse effect on study
  • Need help with time and stress management
  • Require assistance with planning assignments
  • Need support meeting attendance requirements
  • Have failed your first assignment
  • Are on academic probation

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