Success at Uni

Group of students walking out of a building

You have made a successful transition to Uni when:

  • You feel confident finding your way around campus
  • You have a copy of your timetable and you regularly attend lectures, tutorials and other classes
  • You make connections with your fellow students
  • You access your university email account regularly
  • You understand how to use the Library and the Library website
  • You understand the online learning system (MyLO)
  • You know what academic skills you need to succeed
  • You know who your lecturers and tutors are, and how to contact them when you have questions
  • You start preparing for assessments well before they are due so that you don't panic
  • You manage your time so that study is given priority but you still have time for the other things in life
  • You know what support services are available and feel comfortable accessing them when you need them

You can find out how to achieve these steps in transition by going through the online orientation modules, following the links provided to find out more information, and asking for help when you need it.