Tasmania University Union

The Tasmania University Union (TUU) is the students' union that represents all tertiary students attending the University of Tasmania. The TUU also provides essential services such as independent student advocates, cafes and commercial outlets on campus, as well as running student Sports Clubs and Societies.

One of the main roles of the TUU is to protect students' rights, and to represent the views of UTAS students on important issues to the University and the broader community. Through its elected student representatives, the TUU participates at every level of University governance, and helps to form and shape University policy and operations. Every year elections are held across all UTAS campuses and all students can nominate for election and vote.

The TUU Student Advocates provide free, independent and confidential advice and support to students who may have a problem that directly or indirectly affects their ability to study. Student Advocates can represent or advocate for you in meetings or discussions with University staff and committees. They can guide you through University processes including appeals, complaints or misconduct findings. They can also assist students experiencing financial difficulties and link you to relevant community and external organisations.

To learn more about what your student union does for you, or if you'd like to get involved, go to Tasmania University Union.