UTAS Statement of Values

How the community helped to write the draft

The mandate for the Statement of Values was that it would be based on a strong consultative approach.  Feedback from the “Your Voice” survey indicated that the way the Statement of Values was created had the possibility of demonstrating exactly what it is intended to produce – collective values in action.  The inclusive process that arose started with an open invitation to all staff to participate, with 350 staff responding, generously giving their time to participate in workshops (of 3 hours duration, held in Hobart, Burnie, Sydney, Launceston and Campbell Town), or sharing their views through an online survey, interviews or individual emails.

The process culminated with a day where a team of 20 volunteers, all of whom had participated in one of the above activities, sifted through the material generated to find themes, values sets and meanings and to determine the most resonant values for inclusion in the Statement of Values. When the draft was shared with this team there was strong support for the statement that has been developed.

It is sincerely hoped that this draft Statement of Values also resonates with you and the wider UTAS community.

Strong themes that came through during the consultation process were the importance of articulating our strong operational values alongside ensuring that we live our values well and implement them day to day.  After grappling with semantic issues about ‘what are values’, ‘what are virtues’, ‘what are actions’, this draft seeks to capture the best of both of these approaches, naming core operational values and then identifying how these are translated into action in our daily lives.

It was always the aim that the Statement of Values be a relatively brief document – under a page.  While this has been achieved, it was also clear that the UTAS Statement of Values would benefit from an elucidation of its meaning.  This has created a document that is more likely to engage people, spark discussion and hopefully inspire and positively transform us, individually and collectively.