Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

About Us


What is PASS?

The PASS Program is a free academic program that supports students studying in selected units. The program assists students of all abilities to better their knowledge of unit content and improve their study skills by providing unit specific group study sessions. PASS sessions provide a fun and friendly environment in which an experienced student (a PASS 'Leader') helps students to work collaboratively to increase and consolidate their understanding of the unit. The sessions focus on both what to learn (the course content) and how to learn (academic reasoning and study skills). PASS sessions are different from lectures and tutorials as students work together to learn from each other, rather than from academic staff.

The PASS program was first introduced at the University of Tasmania in 2007 on just 3 units and has since expanded to cover over 50 units across all Australian campuses. The University of Tasmania's PASS program is accredited by the National Centre for PASS adhering to 10 essential elements of PASS (link to existing page] and the PASS Guidelines of Best Practice [link to PDF].


How does PASS work?

PASS is an entirely free and voluntary program, so you can choose which sessions to attend and when. PASS sessions for supported units are held every week from Week 2 to Week 13 each semester, on campus or online, and are timetabled to suit both you and the Leader – to find out if your units have sessions visit find a session.

Each PASS session is carefully planned and run by a Leader, a current student who has previously and successfully completed the unit and who has been trained to make sure that students gain the most out of each session. Sessions can involve a wide range of activities, including lecture reviews, group discussions and team problem solving. While PASS Leaders are trained and supported in their role, they are fellow students and therefore do not reteach the course content or give specific assignment help. Rather, by facilitating group interaction and learning, the Leader aims to assist you in becoming an independent learner with sound study skills and content knowledge – they can help you to help yourself. PASS sessions provide a positive and relaxed learning environments that encourage you to engage with and learn from your peers. PASS is a great study tool that complements lectures, tutorials and practicals. Attending PASS sessions is additional to these classes and does not replace attendance at regular classes.

Benefits of PASS

Why attend PASS?

Attending PASS sessions has a number of benefits to you as a student. Data from previous years  shows that, on average, students who attend PASS regularly (10+ sessions per semester) often achieve final marks that are 7-10% higher that peers who do not attend PASS. This is consistent across disciplines and at universities worldwide. Whether you are aiming for a HD or simply want to pass, PASS can help you to increase your marks.

As well as improving overall grades, students have said that PASS assists them to identify and better understand key concepts and to develop good study techniques relevant to their discipline. PASS also helps you to engage with your classmates and is a great way to meet people with similar interests.

For more of what previous students have to say about PASS, visit Student Feedback page.