Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Past Leaders

Read below the stories of three former PASS leaders and how participating in PASS has influenced and contributed to their current careers.

Loren Atkins

PASS Leader (Zoology 2008); PASS Mentor (2009-2010)

“Having been involved in PASS as a student, Leader and Mentor, I have benefited in many ways from the program. As a student, the benefits of PASS are obvious. You get to meet students you probably wouldn't otherwise meet, you improve your marks, get involved with university life and develop study skills which can help you learn at university and beyond. As a Leader and Mentor, you get all of these skills but at a higher level. Time management, confidence, delegation, team work and promotion are all essential skills for Leaders and Mentors. These 'PASS skills' have noticeably assisted me in the transition from study to work. Having discussed PASS extensively in job interviews, I successfully secured a job in a corporate law firm in Melbourne. This is a demanding environment, yet all of my PASS skills enable me to work productively within a team to produce high quality results for clients. I feel privileged to have benefited from and been so involved in such a positive program.” Loren Atkins, May 2011

David Midson

PASS Leader (LAW 2007) PASS Mentor (2008)

“I am currently a Legal Officer in the Royal Australian Navy. I find the skills I learnt as a PASS leader valuable in so many ways in my work. I especially value what PASS taught me about how people learn and the power of facilitation. I use the same skills now as I facilitate people’s learning of the laws of armed conflict. As a result the staff I am training learn so much more because of my PASS experience.” David Midson, May 2011

Elizabeth Murray

PASS Leader (Psychology, 2007, 2008), PASS Mentor (2009)

“After finishing in the PASS Program I was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and am currently living in England, about to begin a Doctorate in Neuroscience at Oxford University. I believe being a part of the PASS Program greatly assisted me in preparing my scholarship application, as my years as a leader had developed in me a deep understanding of what is required to be successful in my subject area, as well as the communication skills to clearly express my ideas. I believe that the learning techniques I acquired through the program, both in the official training and during the sessions, will be invaluable as I begin this next phase of my study, and I hope to be able to become involved with something similar to the PASS Program whilst at Oxford.” Elizabeth Murray, May 2011

To learn about how you can become a PASS leader please refer to Become Involved.