Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Program Feedback

Feedback is an important part of enabling us to continue to improve the PASS program and therefore the support we provide to students. We gain formal feedback from students throughout the year through end of semester surveys. The following quotations from these surveys capture the essence of the student view of PASS:

“Getting together with a group of students to work through the subject makes learning easier and much more enjoyable.” UTAS student, 2008.

“PASS consolidates everything learned in lectures and eases the pressure slightly as time constraints get tight at the end of semester. It’s an hour of assisted study you don’t have to do alone.” UTAS student, 2008.

“I think PASS is a brilliant idea. I have met more friends through PASS than anything else which has made me feel more part of the uni.” UTAS student, 2009.

“It was too good an opportunity to PASS up!” UTAS student, 2008.

“… we were encouraged to participate in group discussions, which I feel gave me a sense of confidence and it was also good to know how my other peers understood the topic and [the] useful techniques they use to remember theories…” UTAS student, 2009.

“Great leaders. Welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable in a "PASS" way - didn't give us the answers - we had to work at them “ UTAS student, 2010

“Another opportunity to "actively" go over course materials and apply the information in a meaningful, simulated context.” UTAS student, 2010

“I liked the fact that because it was a smaller friendlier group it was easier to ask questions, also hearing other people's opinions helped broaden my ideas” UTAS student, 2010

We welcome your feedback of the PASS program via our online feedback form.