Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

PASS Leader

PASS Leader Training and Support

PASS Leaders are undergraduate students who have previously and successfully completed a PASS supported unit. PASS leaders facilitate PASS sessions, attend some class lectures, take notes and act as a model student for their classmates.

A couple of times a year, applications are invited from students who have achieved a distinction or high distinction in one or more of these selected units to apply for vacant positions. PASS Leaders are recruited for both their academic achievement in their current studies and their interpersonal and communication skills. Applicants are selected through a competitive application process involving written applications, group interviews, and individual interviews.

Once appointed, PASS leaders undergo an intensive two day training program prior to the start of semester. In addition to the training, leaders are also provided with a comprehensive manual detailing the role. This training and the manual equips leaders with strategies to facilitate a welcoming, collaborative learning environment. PASS leaders do not provide private tutoring or replace the role of academic staff. All PASS leaders are supported in their role by fellow leaders and PASS Mentors. PASS Mentors are experienced past PASS Leaders. Through participation in mentor groups, PASS leaders are provided with ongoing professional development and support throughout the academic year.

PASS leaders on average support two units per calendar year, facilitating one to three sessions per week during the academic semester. PASS Leaders prepare activities designed to help students improve their understanding of the subject matter, develop relevant study skills and improve learning strategies. In addition to running sessions, Leaders are also allocated time and paid for session preparation, attending weekly lectures and undertaking fortnightly meetings.

Being a PASS Leader

Applications to become a PASS Leader in 2016 are now invited. Please see our list of vacant positions for 2016. Further positions will be opened across the coming weeks.   
For further information about applying to become a PASS Leader  please contact the PASS office at or refer to our Guide to Applying.