Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

PASS session commence for 2012

Students studying during a PASS session

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) have now commenced for 2012, offering 95 sessions per week for 30 first year units in first semester.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions are free, weekly study sessions facilitated by PASS Leaders (current UTAS students) who have previously and successfully completed the unit.  PASS provides an interactive learning environment focusing on subject specific activities designed to assist students with combining ‘what to learn’ with ‘how to learn’. 

PASS is available to all UTAS students currently enrolled in a PASS-supported unit. PASS sessions run for approximately 50 minutes and are scheduled to fit in around the lectures and tutorials of that unit. To attend a PASS session simply check the PASS timetable on our website, find a session that suits you and turn up.

PASS is shown to benefit all students who attend regardless of academic ability.

To find out if PASS is offered on you unit or to find a session, please visit the PASS timetable.

Published on: 28 Mar 2012 11:09am