Career Development

Academic Staff Probation

Academic Staff may have up to three years probation.  The duration of your probation is included in your letter of offer.

Probation Meetings

Your probation period will be marked by a series of meetings with your academic line manager.  These meetings allow both parties to share progress and give feedback.  Milestone meetings include:


Your academic line manager will meet with you to discuss performance expectations and agree any support needed to meet those expectations. 

Mid-point review

This review usually occurs on an annual basis. Probation reports are reviewed by Academic Probation Committee. 

Final review

The final review is held one month before the end of your probation period.

End of Probation

Employment is either confirmed or terminated (which comes as no surprise as an informal process involving mentoring and support will have been undertaken prior to this point) before the end of the probation period.  Your line manager should clearly advise you of the recommendation to confirm or terminate employment.  You will also have the opportunity to provide a response to the probation review.

Can the probation period be extended?

Probation may be extended if an assessment of performance cannot be made.  This may happen if you take a period of approved leave (e.g. leave without pay, personal leave, parental leave) greater then 4 weeks.

The Executive Director of Human Resources, on recommendation from the Dean, may approve to adjust the probationary period to provide you with a total probation period equivalent to that outlined in the Enterprise Agreement.

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