Performance and Career Development

Leadership and Management Development

'At their heart universities are about people: what they can become, what they can create and how they can inspire'.1

The University of Tasmania's Strategic Plan 'Open to Talent' has an ambitious vision. Staff will be enabled to be the best they can, helped by a formative performance management framework and 'supported by an institution committed to holistic development of individual capabilities and a healthy leadership culture'.2

The University is currently designing a Leadership Development Strategy for 2013, with activities and programs to support those in leadership roles develop and contribute to a strong and healthy leadership culture. The following programs and resources are currently available for leaders. Please visit the Training and Development page to view further programs available.

Leading Transitions

These seminars have been developed to support leaders, such as Heads of School, Deputy and Associate Deans and business unit directors/managers, in this change environment.
They will focus on practical strategies and techniques to increase confidence and capability to successfully lead people through change. To view past workshop summaries, upcoming workshops and resources, please visit the Leading Transitions website.

Coaching and Consultancy

Coaching and Consultancy provides the opportunity for you as a senior staff member to enhance your skills, knowledge and insight in specific areas where you have limited experience or when you are faced with a particularly challenging issue or situation, or when you are facing a career transition.

Development Tools

Personality Preference questionnaire like the MBTI can assist leaders to identify their strengths and the strengths of others, and provide other insights.
360 Deg Feedback is another tool for developing understanding about how you are perceived.
Both sets of Development Tools (PDF 88KB) can support the leader's quest for self-development and are available through Leadership Development.

Leadership Library

A reading list specifically for leaders has been prepared and books purchased on the recommendation of our leadership development facilitators and coaches. All are available for loan from the Leadership Library.

If you would like to borrow any of the resources available, please contact

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