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'At their heart universities are about people: what they can become, what they can create and how they can inspire'.1

The University of Tasmania's Strategic Plan 'Open to Talent' has an ambitious vision. Staff will be enabled to be the best they can, helped by a formative performance management framework and 'supported by an institution committed to holistic development of individual capabilities and a healthy leadership culture'.2

The University is currently designing a Leadership Development Strategy, with activities and programs to support those in leadership roles develop and contribute to a strong and healthy leadership culture. The following programs and resources are currently available for leaders. Please visit the Training and Development page to view further programs available.

Emerging Leaders and Managers Program

The University of Tasmania will support up to 15 professional staff members, at HEO levels 6 to 8, to participate in the LH Martin Institute's Emerging Leaders and Managers Program (ELAMP) in 2015.

ELAMP is an online program offered in partnership with the Association of Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) and participants will also receive a complimentary membership with ATEM for 2015.

ELAMP consists of four online modules.  Participants will also have the opportunity to undertake face-to-face workshops associated with each of these sessions which, together with a final capstone project, will provide 2 units of credit towards LH Martin's Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Education Management.  These face to face workshop sessions are optional and cost $450 each (excl GST; plus travel) – all costs would need to be covered by local areas.

Nominations can be made on the ELAMP Nomination Form and must include the support of your line manager. 

Nominations for the 2015 Program have now closed, if you would like further information on the program please contact Christene Sytsma or Melissa Burr.

Tasmanian Leaders Program Scholarships

Human Resources will be funding up to 2 Scholarships valued at $5,500 each, to cover the employer's fee for 2 successful applicants in the 2016 Tasmanian Leaders Program.  Further information on the program and how to lodge an application can be found at the Tasmanian Leaders website,

Applications are due by 12 noon, Thursday 1 October 2015.

The Tasmanian Leaders Program identifies, promotes and develops aspiring business and community leaders, creating significant future benefits for both them and Tasmania.

Each year, a diverse group of participants with one thing in common – high leadership potential – is selected, to come together regularly over a ten-month period to learn and cultivate a range of specific competencies crucial to leaders.

Over the year, participants meet at regular intervals to explore critical issues facing Tasmania through seminars, panel discussions, field trips, case studies and retreats, exposing participants to hundreds of community leaders, experts and critical thinkers. The result is a unique, life-changing experience that achieves positive outcomes for participants and their employers.

Applications are encouraged from across Tasmania from within business, not-for-profits and the public sector. Applicants should demonstrate above-average achievement with clear potential for future growth and the ability to contribute significantly to the wider Tasmanian community.

The cost of the 2016 Program is $6,600 which is made up of $1,100 payable by the participant and $5,500 payable by a participant's employer (to be covered by HR for up to 2 people).  There are other costs associated with the program such as accommodation and vehicle use, and it is anticipated the business unit will offer to cover these costs.

In order to be eligible for the $5,500 scholarship the UTAS Staff member must be accepted into the 2016 program.  Please note that entry into the program is very competitive.

All potential applicants are advised to discuss their applications with their manager prior to submission and to make contact with the Career Development Unit within Human Resources. 

For further information please contact Angela Driver, General Manager, Tasmanian Leaders on telephone 6777 2781 or email: or the Career Development Unit's Christene Sytsma ( or X 3198).

Leadership Development for Women 2014-2015

The Leadership Development for Women (LDW) program supports the development of emerging female leaders through a 10 month long experiential learning program. The program will develop a learning community of academic and professional staff with significant benefits for themselves and the university.

LDW is available for professional staff (HEO7 to 10) and academic staff (levels B to D). 

The 2014-2015 program is currently underway. 

Coaching and Consultancy

Coaching and Consultancy provides the opportunity for you as a senior staff member to enhance your skills, knowledge and insight in specific areas where you have limited experience or when you are faced with a particularly challenging issue or situation, or when you are facing a career transition.

Development Tools

Personality Preference questionnaire like the MBTI can assist leaders to identify their strengths and the strengths of others, and provide other insights.

360 Deg Feedback is another tool for developing understanding about how you are perceived.

Both sets of Development Tools (PDF 88KB) can support the leader's quest for self-development and are available through Leadership Development.

Leadership Library

A reading list specifically for leaders has been prepared and books purchased on the recommendation of our leadership development facilitators and coaches. All are available for loan from the Leadership Library.

If you would like to borrow any of the resources available, please contact

Future Research Leaders Program (FRLP)

The Future Research Leaders Program (FRLP) provides best practice training in financial management, grant administration, business planning, commercialisation and technology transfer, corporate governance, financial reporting, acquittal and audit requirements to current and emerging researchers in universities.

Please contact the Research Development team for further details. 

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