Plimsoll Gallery

Funding and Partners

Kate Just Love Bites

Love Bites, 2009, Kate Just

The Plimsoll Gallery is funded by the University of Tasmania via the Tasmanian College of the Arts and the Cultural Activities Committee. The Gallery also seeks competitive funds from other bodies such as the Australia Council, Exhibition Development Funds (devolved through Contemporary Art Tasmania) and other philanthropic organizations including the Gordon Darling Trust.

The Plimsoll Gallery has worked in partnership with many other arts organisations including:

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Ten Days on the Island Festival

Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania

Devonport Regional Art Gallery

Academy Gallery, UTAS, Launceston

Linden-St Kilda Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne

BUS Gallery, Melbourne

Scottish Arts Council (now Creative Scotland)

The Irish Arts council, Culture Ireland and The National Sculpture Factory, Cork

National Gallery of Australia

Ivan Dougherty Gallery, UNSW, Sydney