Plimsoll Gallery



Start Date

16th Apr 2010

End Date

14th May 2010

Today ‘green’ is used as a metaphor for the natural world and for people who hold values that give a high priority to mutuality with the natural environment. For the news media ‘green’ has become a value, to be or not to be. In many societies there are various activities that amount to a broad green movement, and the last fifty years has seen the emergence of ‘green activism’, ‘green bans’ and ‘green political parties’. A diverse group of artists have been asked to consider their subjective response to ‘green’, The group includes four local artists, two from other States and one team from overseas.

Participating artists: Lucy Bleach, Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman+Joe Gerhardt), Rebecca Stevens, Richard Wastell, Colin Langridge, David Haines, Richard Giblett and Roman Signer

Exhibition Curator: Prof. Geoff Parr in collaboration with Lucy Bleach and Rebecca Stevens.