Plimsoll Gallery


What are the Plimsoll Gallery opening hours?
The gallery is open 7 days a week when an exhibition is running, from 12 noon until 5pm.

Is there an entrance fee?
The Plimsoll Gallery is free – there are no admission charges.

Can I apply to show my work in the Plimsoll Gallery?
The Plimsoll Gallery’s aim is to showcase innovative contemporary art and design works by a mix of local, interstate and international artists. Proposals for group exhibitions will be assessed taking into account the quality of the curatorial premise, the quality of the proposed artists and their standing within the wider contemporary art community.

Can I buy the work exhibited in the gallery?
The Plimsoll Gallery is a non-profit venue and does not sell the works that it exhibits. Works featured in our program often belong to private and public collections. However, in some cases, for example in a postgraduate submission, we can pass on your contact details to the artist concerned.

Is the gallery suitable for children?
The Plimsoll Gallery presents contemporary artwork that is innovative, often challenging and sometimes physically fragile. Most exhibitions are suitable for children, but parents are expected to supervise children in the gallery at all times to ensure that they do not touch art works and to determine the suitability of works for themselves.

If an exhibition contains artworks that is deemed not suitable for children, or may offend some viewers, a warning sign is displayed at the entrances to the gallery areas.