Plimsoll Gallery

Gallery Specifications

Sculptures by Fred Fisher and Adrian Read

Left to right: Fred Fisher, Adrian Read

The Plimsoll Gallery has 2 large exhibition spaces: a long gallery, with a black ceiling and 5 grey concrete structural columns, and a tall gallery gallery with a higher, white ceiling.

Walls: plywood-white

Height: Long Gallery: 2.9 metres. Tall Gallery: 3.34 metres

Floor: carpet tiles-grey

Ceiling: Long Gallery: cork lined-black. Tall Gallery: plywood-white

Lighting Grid

Partitions: numerous moveable partitions available

Windows: 2 large window/doors that can be exposed to overlook a garden, or they can be concealed by panels

Doors: entrance to gallery spaces via 2 domestic size doors. Access for large items is available via the gallery store and loading bay.

Gallery Floorplan (PDF 23.6 KB)