Postgraduate Coursework

Asian Studies

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Developing Asia skills is an important requirement for any student in the 21st Century. Asia is a large and diverse region encompassing a huge diversity of religions, cultures, societies and peoples. Asia's political, economic and strategic links to Australia are now recognised as being of vital importance. Asia skills enable you to live and work effectively in Asia and with people from the Asian region. These skills encompass background knowledge of Asian countries, language skills and intercultural competence. No study of language is required.

These programs enable students from various backgrounds to gain knowledge of Asia and expertise in the field of Asian Studies such as politics and societies of Asia, or Asian literature's, which may be built on with further postgraduate research studies.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Location - Hobart, Launceston
Fees - Commonwealth supported
Intake - February and July
Duration - Minimum 1 year, maximum 2 years

For information on the units offered, please visit this website.