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Dorothea Huber

Higher Degree by Research Candidate


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General Responsibilities

Dorothea joined the AIRC at the end of 2013 as a PhD candidate. Dorothea has been a senior manager with the Australian Public Service since the early 1990's. Initially her interest lay in marine biology and fisheries management. In the late 2000's Dorothea changed career direction. Initially, as the Chief Operations Officer of the Vision Sciences Centre at ANU, she helped facilitate ground-breaking vision research between collaborating universities.

In early 2011 Dorothea joined the Department of Industry to carry out a pilot study on measuring public sector innovation at the Australian Government level. This brought her into contact with the AIRC, which was contracted to assist with the study. For the past two and a half years Dorothea has collaborated closely with Professor Arundel on the Australian Public Sector Innovation Indicators (APSII) Project. The study developed a framework for measuring public sector innovation, which has attracted national and international interest. The launch of an innovation-specific pilot survey in late 2012 across the Australian Public Service was an integral part of the study and yielded valuable data for benchmarking innovation performance within the public sector. The work done by APSII Project complements similar initiatives currently carried out by the OECD.

Dorothea's research interests focus on the environmental conditions, processes and strategies of public sector innovation and how these impact on outcomes. Her thesis will examine public sector innovation data from Australia and Europe, drawing on similarities and differences between the two.