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Gauri Laud

Lecturer in Marketing

Room 411, Centenary Building, Sandy Bay Campus

03 6226 5716 (phone)

Dr Laud is an early career researcher and Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Tasmania, Tasmanian School of Business and Economics. Her research interest lies in understanding the dynamics of collaborative processes in service ecosystems, developing knowledge of value co-creation practices, customer creativity for service innovation and improving consumer well-being through transformative service research. Gauri adopts sophisticated quantitative research methods such as (structural equation modelling and social network analysis) in her research.

Her past and present research projects are characterised by both high academic rigour and managerial relevance. The underpinning theoretical foundation of her research is based on the convergence of organisational and contemporary marketing paradigms with implications in services marketing, business-to-business marketing, innovation and consumer behaviour. Various industry partners have recognised the resultant economic and societal impact of her research.


Prior to joining the University of Tasmania, Gauri was a Doctoral Scholar and Sessional Lecturer at the RMIT University, Melbourne. Gauri also has extensive experience working as a Brand manager in the Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality and Education management in the Asia-Pacific countries.

Career summary



Title of Thesis (if appropriate)



Date of Award


The role of embeddedness for resource integration and Value co-creation in Service Systems

RMIT University


December 2015

MBUS (Marketing)

Understanding the Neo-liberalised Indian Tourist : Exploring their preferences of Australia as a vacation destination

RMIT University


December 2008



University of Pune


June 2004

Languages (other than English)

  • Hindi
  • Marathi


Professional practice

  • Academy of Marketing Science
  • American Marketing Association
  • Australian Marketing Institute
  • Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy

Committee associations

Founder of Digital literacy Initiative India Program – an association that offers digital literacy opportunities to the under privileged in urban and rural India.

Administrative expertise

  • Undergraduate program coordinator


Services Marketing, Professional Services, Consumer Behaviour, New Product and Service Development, Market Research

Teaching expertise

In terms of teaching, Gauri has extensive experience in unit coordination and teaching different marketing units, such as Market Research, Marketing Principles, Services Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Professional Services Marketing, New Product/Service Development Innovation, International marketing at under and postgraduate levels. Gauri adopts blended innovative teaching techniques (e.g. flip-class, storytelling as a strategic professional skill, develop creativity and problem-solving skills using business simulations), which has resulted in quality student learning experience.  Her teaching philosophy is informed by her research interest in collaborative processes and, therefore, is socially constructed to offer students avenues to build and leverage their relationships with other students for peer-to-peer learning and research-led, self-directed learning. This approach also allows students to develop the skills essential for becoming effective managers in contemporary business scenarios.

Teaching responsibility

  • Semester 2 2017 BMA 262 Consumer Behaviour
  • Semester 2 2017 BMA 608 New Product and Service Development
  • Semester 1 2017 BMA 258 Services Marketing
  • Semester 1 2017 BMA 606 Professional Services Marketing

Research Invitations

  • “Co-created Obsession and Overstimulation in Online Service Environments” , Frontiers in Service, New York (2017)
  • “Understanding conditions of customers’ co-creation in a service system”, ANZMAC Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand (2016).
  • “Value (co)–destruction: A synthesis of processes and outcomes”, Co-Creation in Service and Customer Engagement Symposium, Berlin (2016).
  • “The role of potential boundary conditions on value co-creation behaviour in service systems”, Marketing Brown Bag Seminar, School of Economics, Finance and Marketing, Naples Forum on Service, Italy (2015).
  • “Facilitating team-based learning activities in a large class setting”, Finance and Marketing Seminar Series, RMIT University School of Economics, Melbourne, Australia (2014).
  • “Why consumers seek coolness: Evidence from the Arab world”, World Marketing Congress, Melbourne, Australia (2013).
  • “Enriching service-dominant logic research through a social capital perspective: The role of embeddedness for resource integration”, Naples Forum on Service, Naples, Italy (2013).
  • “Use of Embedded Brand Communities”, ANZMAC Conference, Perth, Australia (2011).
  • “Use of social media pages as a learning, teaching and course experience tool”, RMIT University Professional Development Workshop, Melbourne, Australia (2011).
  • “Structural equation modelling master class”, conducted for the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students (2015).
  • “Collaborative processes in service ecosystems”, a faculty research workshop conducted at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India (2016).
  • “Service systems and role of embeddedness”, faculty research seminar, Shiv Nadar University, New Delhi, India (2016).

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Research areas/expertise:

  • Value co-creation practices,
  • Collaborative processes in individual-centric ecosystems,
  • Creativity for service innovation,
  • Transformative services research,
  • Improving consumer well-being,
  • Overconsumption


  • Structural Equation Modelling
  • Social Network Analysis
  • SPSS
  • Business Simulations
  • Social Media Analytics

Research Themes

Gauri’s research interest includes building knowledge about collaborative value creating processes in service ecosystems, nurturing creativity for service and product innovation, improving consumer well-being through transformative services and sustainable consumer cultures. Her research aligns with the University’s research theme of Person in Context; Collaborative Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and Sustainability in Business and Community. Gauri is involved with many research projects with Australian and international collaborators.


Gauri is currently involved in 7 international projects. These collaborative projects are in partnership with universities in New Zealand, Finland, Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Taiwan and Singapore.


  • 2011: Doctoral Travel Award, Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference

Fields of Research

  • Marketing Theory (150506)

Research Objectives

  • Marketing (910403)


Gauri has published in high-level international marketing journals such as Marketing Theory and Journal of Service Theory and Practice. She has also published and presented her research in several national and international marketing conferences.

Total publications


Journal Article

(4 outputs)
2017Laud G, Karpen I, 'Value co-creation behaviour - role of embeddedness and outcome considerations', Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 27, (4) pp. 778-807. ISSN 2055-6225 (2017) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1108/JSTP-04-2016-0069 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 3Web of Science - 3


2015Laud G, Karpen IO, Mulye R, Rahman K, 'The role of embeddedness for resource integration: Complementing S-D logic research through a social capital perspective', Marketing Theory, 15, (4) pp. 509-535. ISSN 1470-5931 (2015) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1177/1470593115572671 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 12Web of Science - 10


2013Rahman K, Mulye R, Laud G, 'Fakes and fashion: Understanding counterfeit crisis in the Middle East', European Advances in Consumer Research, 10 pp. 90-94. ISSN 0098-9258 (2013) [Refereed Article]

[eCite] [Details]


2013Rahman K, Mulye R, Laud G, 'Theoretical underpinnings of brand architecture strategies using models of stereotypic change to understand sub-brands', Asia-Pacific Advances in Consumer Research, 10 pp. 402-406. ISSN 0098-9258 (2013) [Refereed Article]

[eCite] [Details]


Conference Publication

(15 outputs)
2018Laud G, Karpen I, Conduit J, 'Customer creativity and willingness to contribute to co-creative innovation in online communities', 25TH IPDMC: Innovation and product development management conference, 10-13 June 2018, Porto, Portugal, pp. 1-2. ISSN 1998-7374 (2018) [Refereed Conference Paper]

[eCite] [Details]


2018Laud G, Leo C, Chou C, 'Service System Well-being: Conceptualising a Macro-Level Concept', SERVSIG Proceedings, 14-16 June 2018, Paris, France, pp. 435-438. ISBN 978-2-9516606-3-2 (2018) [Refereed Conference Paper]

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2018Laud G, Karpen IO, Conduit J, 'Innovation in Online Communities: Conditions for Customer Creativity and Contribution', SERVSIG Proceedings, 14-16 June 2018, Paris, France, pp. 807-811. ISBN 978-2-9516606-3-2 (2018) [Refereed Conference Paper]

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2017Fitzgerald S, Laud G, Reid M, Chung E, Farrell L, et al., 'Service system elements, value co-creation and well-being', Australia New Zealand Marketing Association Conference, 3-6 December 2017, Melbourne, pp. 1-5. (2017) [Refereed Conference Paper]

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2017Laud G, 'Overstimulation in the service environment: The emergence of co-created obsession', Proceeding of the QUIS International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management, 12-15 June 2017, Portugal (2017) [Conference Extract]

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2017Laud G, 'Co-created Obsession and Overstimulation in Service Environment', 26th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference, 22- 25 June 2017, New York, USA (2017) [Conference Extract]

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2017Laud G, 'Managing Customers' Creativity for Co-Creative Innovation', Australia New Zealand Marketing Association Conference, 3-6 December 2017, Melbourne, pp. 1. (2017) [Conference Extract]

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2017Laud G, Conduit J, Karpen IO, 'Managing customers' creativity for co-creative innovation', ANZMAC 2017: Marketing for Impact, 4-6 December 2017, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 347. ISSN 1447-3275 (2017) [Refereed Conference Paper]

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2016Kachersky L, Fitzgerald S, Laud G, 'The dark side of connected health technology creates exercise addiction among conscientious users', North American Association of Consumer Research Conference, 27-30 October, Berlin (2016) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]

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2016Laud G, 'Understanding customer conditions for co-creative innovation processes', ANZMAC 2016 Conference, 5-7 December, University of Canturbury (2016) [Conference Extract]

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2016Laud G, Robinsion L, Chung E, 'Co-created obsession: A new perspective on customer engagement', European Marketing Academy Conference, 24-27 May, Oslo (2016) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]

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2015Laud G, Karpen IO, Mulye R, Rahman K, 'Drivers and outcomes of value co-creation behaviour: Investigating the potential boundary conditions', The Naples Forum on Service, 9-12 June, Naples (2015) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]

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2014Laud G, Karpen IO, 'Consumers' embeddedness: Determinant of value co-creation in service systems', Australia and New Zealand Marketing Association Conference Proceedings, 1-3 December, Brisbane (2014) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]

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2013Rahman K, Laud G, 'Why consumers seek coolness': Understanding the vernacular meaning of cool', Looking Forward, Looking Back: Drawing on the Past to Shape the Future of Marketing. Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science, 17-20 July 2017, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 710. ISBN 978-3-319-24182-1 (2013) [Conference Extract]

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-24184-5_170 [eCite] [Details]


2011Laud G, Mulye R, Rahman K, 'Use of embedded brand communities for value co- creation', Australia and New Zealand Marketing Association Conference Proceedings,, Perth (2011) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]

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  • 2017: RMIT University, School of Economics, Finance and Marketing School grant (value AU$ 20,000), with Dr. Sandy Fitzgerald et al., for “Co-created Obsession Scale development”.
  • 2017: UTAS Conference Travel grant (value AU$ 5,500) for “Overstimulation in the service environment”.
  • 2017: RMIT University Business Research grant (value AU$ 10,000), with Dr. Silvia Islam, for “Role of acculturation practices on financial literacy and financial decision making among vulnerable ethnic consumers”
  • 2017: RMIT University Business Research grant (value AU$ 10,000), with Dr. Linda Robinson, for “Co-created obsession – a cultural phenomenon”
  • 2016: UTAS Conference Travel grant (value AU$3000) for “Understanding consumer conditions for co-creative innovation processes”
  • 2015: RMIT Higher Degree Publication award (value AU$25,849)for submitting publications to the Journal of Service Theory and Practice and the Journal of Production Innovation and Management
  • 2014: Higher Degree Research Travel grant (value AU$1,000) for “Embeddedness as a determinant of value co-creation in service systems”
  • 2013: RMIT University, Learning and Teaching grant (value AU$5,000) for “Facilitating team-based experiential learning in a large class Setting”
  • 2013: Higher Degree by Research International Conference grant (value AU$2,000) for “Complementing S-D logic research through a social capital perspective: The role of embeddedness for resource integration”
  • 2012: Australian Mathematical and Sciences Institute (AMSI) Intern program through Enterprise Connect – an Australian Government Initiative (value AU$22,000; category 2 grant), for “Perception and Market Potential of Sprung-Floors in Australia and Europe”

Research Supervision

Gauri currently co-supervising one PhD and is looking for HDR candidates interested in researching in following areas:

  1. Creativity and service innovation
  2. Value co-creation processes
  3. Overconsumption and consumer well-being
  4. Consumer mindfulness and service experiences




PhDThe Impact of Cross Cultural Factors on Consumers' Purchase Decision of Festive Cloth: An empirical study on South Asian immigrants in Australia2017
PhDAntecedents of Brand Ambidexterity2018