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Professor Mark Hannington is the Goldcorp Chair in Economic Geology at the University of Ottawa. Prior to joining the University of Ottawa in 2005, he was a senior research scientist at the Geological Survey of Canada for 15 years.

His research has combined the study of ancient ore deposits in Canada with new knowledge from active hydrothermal systems on the modern seafloor. During his career, he has made major advances both in seafloor exploration and in the understanding of the origins of Precambrian volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits. As part of this work, Mark and his students have participated on 29 international research cruises in nearly all of the world's oceans

His research on the metallogeny of active seafloor volcanic environments has included expeditions to the East Pacific Rise, the Juan de Fuca Ridge, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the Mediterranean, Iceland, New Zealand, Antarctica, and Papua New Guinea. He has also played a key role in assessing the future potential of mining of offshore mineral resources.

His comparisons between modern volcanoes and ancient volcanic environments have led to new approaches to land-based mineral exploration. This work included publication of a landmark Monograph on The Giant Kidd Creek Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposit.

The results of this work are published in 103 refereed papers in more than 30 different international journals and books, with audiences in both economic geology and marine geology. He has published more than 30 authoritative reviews and edited two books. From 2001 to 2008, he was the chief editor of Economic Geology, the most influential journal in the discipline and one of the oldest scientific publications in North America, first published in 1905. Mark was only the 5th editor of the journal in 100 years and the first to be located outside the United States.

Mark has co-supervised 21 MSc and PhD students, most now in industry, government and academia. He was instrumental in establishing the first endowed chair in the Faculty of Science at the University of Ottawa, which he now holds. He is also a recipient of the Duncan Derry Medal of the Geological Association of Canada and the Silver Medal of the Society of Economic Geologists, both for significant scientific achievements at the mid-career.

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  • Papers in Refereed Journals

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