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Anne Hugo

Anne Alexandra Hugo

RHD candidate

Room 341, Hytten Hall, Sandy Bay Campus

+61 4 5850 8845 (phone)


At the University of the Witwatersrand Anne completed a Bachelor of Arts in English and German in 1971 and a Postgraduate Higher Degree in Education in 1980. She also completed a Postgraduate Higher Degree in Librarianship at the University of Cape Town (1972). Anne spent the first half of her working life working in research libraries, and much of her later working life as information manager at the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies (1995-2009). Anne was contracted as a senior researcher for a national youth development program developed by scholars at the Australian Youth Research Centre at the University of Melbourne in 2010.

Anne is the author of three books of poetry and has taught poetry at tertiary level. Her poetry and book reviews have been published in journals and anthologies in Australia and abroad. She has been a mentor to poets for the past two decades. She was poetry editor for the small magazine Famous Reporter and coordinated The Write Stuff Showcase of Tasmanian Poets (2002-2004).

  • Founding editor, Youth Field Xpress
  • Information manager, Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies. In the field of youth studies Anne established the online presence and information services of the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies where she worked for 14 years (1995-2009).
  • Recipient of an Australia Council grant for developing writers (2007) for The White Room Poems and an Arts Tasmania grant (1994) for Isolated States.
  • Recipient of the inaugural Blue Giraffe poetry award 2016.

Additional Information

Anne is currently undertaking a master's by research degree based in the field of youth studies, using autoethnography as a methodology. Her topic is young people and existential angst in times of uncertainty.

Anne’s main research interest is the application of qualitative research in education through the use of autoethnography. She is also pursuing her interest in youth studies from the perspective of Australian cultural responses to academic giftedness.


Articles (writing as Anne Hugo)

  • Hugo, A. (2007). Networking: Towards an Australian youth information network. Youth Studies Australia, 26(2).
  • Hugo, A. (1999). The clearinghouse as chameleon: The Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies online information services and print publications, New Review of Information Networking 5(1) pp. 165-173.
  • Hugo, A. & Anderson, S. (1998). Youth work and youth studies courses in Australia. Youth Studies Australia, 17(2).

Book chapters

  • Hugo, A. (in press) Using autoethnography to answer complex questions in youth studies (forthcoming chapter in a book about fitting methodologies to research questions, Springer).

Books (writing as Anne Kellas)

  • Kellas, A. (2015) The White Room Poems (Walleah Press, Hobart, December 2015).
  • Kellas, A. (2001) Isolated States(Cornford Press, Launceston, 2001).
  • Kellas, A. (1989) Poems from Mt Moono (Hippogriff Press, Johannesburg, 1989).