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Imran Anjum

PhD Candidate

Room A008, Building A, Newnham Campus

+61 4 0576 3245 (phone)


  • Aug 2014 - Tasmania Graduate Research Scholarship, University of Tasmania
  • Aug 2014 - Tuition Scholarship, University of Tasmania
  • Jul 2008 - Australian Postgraduate Award, University of Melbourne
  • Jul 2008 - Australian Postgraduate Tuition Scholarship, University of Melbourne



  • Chaudary, I. A., & Imran, S. (2012). Designing Professional Development for Better Pedagogy: a higher education experience in Pakistan. Charleston: CreateSpace. Available online.

Refereed Research Articles

  • Chaudary, I. A. & Imran, S. (2012). Listening to Unheard Voices: Professional Development Reforms for Pakistani Tertiary Teachers. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 37(2): 88-98. Available online.
  • Chaudary, I. A. (2011). A new vision of professional development in Pakistan. Professional Development in Education, 37(4): 233-237. Available online.

Career summary

Languages (other than English)

  • Urdu – expert user
  • Punjab – expert user


  • MEd (2009), 'Professional development practices and reforms for teachers of adults in Pakistani', University of Melbourne, Australia
  • International Assessor Award (2002), City & Guilds of London Institute, UK
  • International Diploma in Teaching and Training (2001), City & Guilds of London Institute, UK
  • BA (English Literature and Journalism) (1994), Government College Lahore, Pakistan

Research Themes

Research Expertise

  • Teacher learning with a particular focus on social and constructivist learning and teaching practices
  • Qualitative research (narrative, visual, case study and ethnography)
  • Programme evaluation
  • Curriculum improvement
  • Adult education

PhD Thesis

Working Title

Becoming an accomplished professional: a narrative, spatial and visual understanding in a marginalised teaching context.


Equitable and sustained access to lifelong learning opportunities can enable teachers to not only thrive as effective professionals, but also contribute to economic development and social emancipation in their societies (Aspin, Chapman, Evans & Bagnall, 2012). This is a topic of on-going interest for governments, industry and institutions of learning, particularly in developing countries where lack of resources and opportunities have severely challenged teachers' lives and work. This proposed qualitative study examines ways in which Pakistani tertiary teachers become accomplished professionals in their marginalised teaching context. A critical ethnographic approach will be used to study this phenomenon and the fieldwork will be conducted in Pakistan. The study will engage six experienced tertiary teachers, and their lives, work and experiences will be studied using narrative interviews, observations, photographs, and documents. The data generated will be analysed using Polkinghorne's (1995) approach to analyses of narratives, where in the light of the research questions, different forms of data are organised, re-storied and then analysed for common elements. This study will generate discourses in which local thought, feeling, morality, and experience are articulated. The outcomes will be enlightening for educational authorities, leadership, teachers, and communities, and will propose an action plan to establish ethos of professional harmony and growth, to promote more equitable opportunities, and to improve teachers' lives and work in the context.


Professional practice

  • 2010 to now:  HERDSA Member (Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia)
  • 2009 to now: University of Melbourne Alumni Association


Teacher development (designs, practices and management) Research methods Programme evaluation Academic writing

Teaching expertise

  • Visiting Faculty (permanent) - Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Pakistan -July 2009 to Nov 2014
    Teaching: Teacher Development, Discourse Analysis, Phonetics and Phonology, Qualitative Research Methods
    Research: Research Supervisor
  • Visiting Faculty (part time) - Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan -April 2012 to Jun 2014
    Teaching: Performance Management and Professional Development, Human Resources Management, International Perspectives on Education
    Research: Research Supervisor and Research Examiner
  • Visiting Faculty Member (part time) - Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, Pakistan - 2012 to 2013
    Teaching: Academic Writing, Research Methods