Mohsen Hedayati

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Mohsen Hedayati

PhD Candidate

Room A008, Building A, Newnham Campus

+61 3 6324 3265 (phone)


  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) which includes a 2015 Australian Postgraduate Award living allowance and tuition fee scholarship.


  • Hedayati, M., (2009). Love Devious: Trafford Publishing.
Peer-reviewed Journals
  • Hedayati, M., & Foomani, E. M. (2015). Learning Style and Task Performance in Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication: A Case Study of Iranian EFL Learners. Educational Technology & Society, 18 (4),
  • Foomani, E. & Hedayati, M. (2014). . A seamless learning design for Mobile Assisted Language Learning: the case of Iranian EFL learners' artifact creation in a collaborative context. Presented at IELTI-7 International Conference organized by the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Tehran, on Sept. 10-11, 2014