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Mr Chidarikire is a registered mental health nurse with a clinical background in adult forensic, acute and community mental health nursing. Mr Chidarikire currently works in the School of Health Sciences as a Lecturer teaching in mental health in the undergraduate courses.

Career summary


  • Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner), Latrobe University, Australia. 2012 
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing), Charles Stuart University, Australia. 2010
  • Diploma of Higher Education (Mental Health Nursing), The University of York, United Kingdom. 2004

Languages (other than English)

  • Shona 
  • Chichewa (Nyanja)


Mr Chidarikire completed his pre-nurse registration training at the University of York, in England. He began his nursing career as a clinical nurse in Forensic Adult Psychiatry in Fareham, Hampshire, UK, and has also worked as a Community Mental Health Nurse in the UK and Australia. Mr Chidarikire holds a Bachelor of Health (Nursing) degree as well as a Master of Nursing (Nursing Practitioner), and is currently a PhD Candidate in the School of Health Sciences.

Research Themes

Shep's research aligns to the University's research theme of Better Health. His research interests include spirituality and mental health, cross cultural/transcultural mental health, and migration and mental health. He is also currently undertaking a PhD in the area of transcultural psychiatry/metal health nursing, entitled 'Life is a Journey: A Focused ethnography of the experiences of people living with schizophrenia in Harare, Zimbabwe.'


Professional practice

  • Accreditation Assessor for the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC)
  • Member of the Movement for Global Mental Health

Administrative expertise

Shep has extensive administration experience coordinating a large unit which receives over 800 first year students.


Nurse practitioner, nursing, mental health nursing, psychiatric nursing, forensic psychiatry, transcultural mental health

Teaching expertise

Mr Chidarikire has expertise in mental health nursing education and clinical practice, and the nurse practitioner role. He coordinates and teaches Communication and Mental Health (CNA110), Community and Mental Health Nursing Practice (CNA318), and Community and Mental Health Nursing Practice: Professional Experience (CNA319). These units offers the opportunity to gain experiences and knowledge and skills relevant to nursing.

Teaching responsibility

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  • Qualitative research
  • Realist review
  • Ethnography
  • Phenomenology and lived experience

Current projects

Mr Chidarikire is currently undertaking a PhD in the area of transcultural psychiatry/mental health nursing entitled 'Understanding the lived experiences of people with schizophrenia in Harare, Zimbabwe: A Critical Ethnography'.

Research Fields

  • Mental Health Nursing (111005)

Research Impact

  • Mental Health Services (920209)


Total publications


Journal Article

(1 outputs)
2012Chidarikire S, 'Spirituality: The neglected dimension of holistic mental health care', Advances in Mental Health, 10, (3) pp. 298-302. ISSN 1837-4905 (2012) [Refereed Article]

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Conference Publication

(4 outputs)
2014Chidarikire S, Harris DM, Skinner IK, 'A Cultural Paradox: Understanding the Experience of Living with Schizophrenia in Sub-Saharan Africa', International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 7-9 October 2014, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 1-45. ISSN 1445-8330 (2014) [Conference Extract]

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Co-authors: Harris DM; Skinner IK

2014Chidarikire S, Harris DM, Skinner IK, 'The Role of Traditional and Faith Healers in Mental Health Care: A Meta Synthesis of Case Reports from sub-Saharan Africa', International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 7-9 October 2014, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 5. ISSN 1445-8330 (2014) [Conference Extract]

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Co-authors: Harris DM; Skinner IK

2013Chidarikire S, Ellis I, 'The difference between conducting a systematic review on the identification and treatment of schizophrenia: how database choice affects the outcome', 2013 World Mental Health Congress of The World Federation for Mental Health: 'Social inclusion through interdisciplinary interventions', 25-28 August 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina, pp. 567-569. (2013) [Conference Extract]

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Co-authors: Ellis I

2012Chidarikire S, 'Spirituality and Mental Health Care of the Elderly', ANF Aged Care Conference Proceedings, 27 November 2012, Launceston, Tasmania, pp. 1-12. (2012) [Keynote Presentation]

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