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Laura Michaelson

PhD Candidate

Room 1.07, Tasmanian Law Reform Institute, Faculty of Law, Sandy Bay Campus

+61 3 6226 2068 (phone)


Laura graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law (with honours in Law), majoring in Political Science. Laura began her PhD with the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute (TLRI) and the Tasmanian Institute for Law Enforcement Studies (TILES) in 2016.

Laura is involved in teaching, tutoring, marking and administering a number of subjects within the Law Faculty, including; Criminal Law, Evidence Law, Advanced Law for Police Officers, Law for Recruit Police Officers, Sex Crimes and Criminals and Civil Procedure.

Laura is also involved in research alongside Dr Olivia Rundle and Dr Megan Woods on employers’ duties to provide a psychologically safe workplace, particularly what courts have said in relation to employers’ actions where an employee suffers a psychological injury arising out of employment.

Thesis title

Effectiveness of problem-solving courts; exploring the reintegration of offenders’ through social indicators in the Mental Health Diversion List and the Court Mandated Diversion Program in Tasmania.

Thesis area

Laura’s thesis aims to analyse the effectiveness of two problem-solving programs in the Tasmanian Magistrates Court, the Mental Health Diversion List and the Court Mandated Diversion Program. The particular focus of her thesis is on exploring rehabilitation indicia through social indicators (housing, health, employment & relationships) of offenders through participating in the program and up to six months post-completion.  These programs are known as ‘problem-solving’ or ‘therapeutic justice’ alternatives to the traditional criminal justice court process. The aim of these programs is to address the nexus between offenders’ particular vulnerability (mental health or substance abuse) and offending behaviour.


Ms Terese Henning (Director - Tasmanian Law Reform Institute, Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania)

Dr Isabelle Bartkowiak-Theron (Senior Researcher – Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies)

Research Interests

Criminal Law

Evidence Law

Therapeutic Jurisprudence