Division of the Provost

Visiting Fellows & Visiting Scholars Program

Nominations for Round 13 of the University of Tasmania's Visiting Fellows and Visiting Scholars Program is now closed. Grant funds for Round 13 support visits to the University in 2018.

The program offers Visiting Fellowships and Scholarships to support short-term visits to the University by academics, scholars and other eminent individuals, normally from outside of Tasmania. The program is designed to benefit areas or activities of strategic priority for the University by, for example: strengthening academic networks to underpin ongoing scholarly activity; achieving scholarly outcomes (e.g. publications) in key areas, through research leadership and collaborative research; enhancing the professional development of University staff through exposure to teaching and learning leaders; enhancing educational programs through collaborative teaching projects; and raising the scholarly and public profile of the University.

Nominations for Round 14 of the Visiting Fellows and Visiting Scholars Program will be called for in August/September 2018.

Visiting Fellowships and Visiting Scholarships are made by the Head of the University's sponsoring organisational unit. Nominations are considered by the Visiting Fellows and Visiting Scholars Program Selection Committee, through the Office of the Provost.

The Program Policy, Procedures, Nomination Form and Financial Advice will assist in the preparation of nominations.

The University offers short stay options at the Hobart and West Park apartments for travelling staff, visiting academics, postgraduates or visitors to the university. For more information, please refer to http://www.accommodation.utas.edu.au/executive-short-stay-accommodation.

The University’s Homestay program, is a flexible accommodation option available to anyone connected with the University for study or research purposes. Several visiting researchers and academics have chosen Homestay as their accommodation and have had very positive experiences.

For  more information, please refer to the Homestay Accommodation webpages: http://www.accommodation.utas.edu.au/university-accommodation/homestay.

Let's Explore Tasmania Card - Visiting Fellows and Visiting Scholars have the opportunity to visit, explore and encounter Tasmania's World Heritage sites, pristine wilderness, fine food and wines, extraordinary wildlife and a vibrant arts culture through the Let's Explore Tasmania card. The card will provide access to a range of discounts and special offers with accredited tourism operators around Tasmania.

Cards can be picked up from the local Student Centre, the visitor will need to provide their visitor(staff) ID or their letter of invitation to the Student Centre.