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17 January 2013

The Australian Newspaper

Not such a big deal if you've got nothing to lose
Lance Armstrong is coming clean. How should we judge his confession?
writes Natasha Cica

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20 September 2012

ABC Radio Hobart

Radio interview hosted by Leon Compton with special guest Mr George Megalogenis, Senior writer for The Australian and Assoc Prof Natasha Cica, Director of the Inglis Clark Centre for Civil Society

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22 August 2012

ABC Radio Hobart

The Houston Report was recently presented to Parliament in order to generate asylum seeker policy which would seek to reduce the number of people coming to Australia seeking asylum by boat. This report was the catalyst for a wide range of discussions and subsequently one of the topics that has generated debate is: what happens to the children?

Natasha Cica, Director of the Inglis Clark Centre for Civil Society at the University of Tasmania, spoke to Leon about the report in regards to child asylum seekers and its seemingly lack of "adequate protection for vulnerable minors".

Natasha Cica also touched on the newly released report from the Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick about incidents of sexual harassment and assault against women in the Australian Defence Force. 

Natasha Cica radio feature hosted by Leon Compton
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16 August 2012

ABC Radio Australia, Darwin

Just hours after the lower house of Australia's parliament approved legislation to allow the offshore processing of asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea and Nauru, an audience in the northern city of Darwin was being asked to think about what responsibility Australians have for children in detention.

Natasha Cica radio feature hosted by Campbell Cooney
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15 August 2012

Public Lecture

Invitation to present public lecture from Mr Eddie Cubillo, Commissioner, Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission and The Northern Institute at Charles Darwin University

Children in Immigration Detention - What Are Our Responsibilities As Australians?

Author:  Natasha Cica
Refer to paper here (PDF 290KB)