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Pathways Project

The Pathways Project is an exciting opportunity to enhance the University's contribution to Tasmania while ensuring our course offerings continue to be relevant and valuable into the future.

Tasmania has a lower level of participation in higher education than other Australian states, as well as the lowest levels of educational attainment.

The University has conducted an analysis of education participation and identified that, if the State is to match the national average of higher education attainment, up to 35,000 more Tasmanians would have to participate in some form of post-school study.

To address this need, the University aims to attract 10,000 new Tasmanian students into tertiary education across the State in the coming decade, with the greatest need being in the North and North-West.

The University has identified that shorter, more affordable, industry-relevant associate degree courses can play a significant role in achieving our ambitious growth target.

Through the Pathways Project, new programs aligned to industry and workforce needs will be created to help attract these students.

We want to retain our existing teaching and research focuses while introducing new degrees and courses in growing sectors such as aged care and allied health, business, IT, smart manufacturing and agriculture.

Experience overseas, particularly in the US, has shown that associate degrees also provide a valuable pathway into bachelor degrees for people who wouldn't otherwise have considered a university education.

In this way, they can make an important contribution to creating a culture of lifelong learning.

Co-location and stronger alignment with TasTAFE, supported by clear pathways between the University and TasTAFE, will also help students build their education experience from Certificate level through to bachelors and other degrees.

How you can contribute

The Project's first priority is to consult with staff and industry about how the University can best broaden its course offerings.

Professor Janelle Allison, Pro Vice-Chancellor Community Partnerships and Regional Development, is leading the Pathways Project and will be in Hobart for the whole week commencing Monday 12 October to talk to staff.

If you would like to meet with Janelle, please contact Margaret McMahon, via email: Margaret.McMahon@utas.edu.au

Professor Janelle Allison
Pro Vice-Chancellor
(Community, Partnerships and Regional Development)

For further information on the Project or to make a suggestion, please contact Dayna Broun on 0438 272 255 or Ext 5293, or by email to Dayna.Broun@utas.edu.au