Reviews Policy and Procedures

A systematic approach to monitoring performance, evaluating outcomes and recommending and implementing improvements is central to quality management and continuous improvement. Reviews are a key mechanism for this purpose. Reviews have a dual purpose in the assurance of quality and as an essential mechanism for quality enhancement.

In addition, the University is subject to many forms of external review and audit process, including those initiated by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency and by professional accreditation bodies.

Approved by the University Council in April 2011, the Reviews Policy outlines the University's approach to ensuring a robust, efficient and effective system for the management and implementation of reviews. The Reviews Policy applies to all organisational units, all staff and all functions of the University.

At UTAS, reviews must be:

  • purposeful
  • evidence based
  • efficient (particularly in its use of staff time)
  • rigorous
  • transparent
  • objective

They must also have the potential to lead to meaningful and worthwhile change.

Implementation of the Reviews Policy involves three key bodies working in partnership:

  • Within its overall responsibility for quality management, Council has general oversight of review processes across the University. Through its Audit and Risk Committee, Council commissions the Internal Audit Program
  • Academic Senate is responsible for advising Council and the Vice-Chancellor on academic matters, including providing advice on means of achieving and maintaining excellence in academic activities
  • Senior management, specifically via Planning, Performance and Review Committee, has a central role to play in overseeing administrative and management reviews

Review Activities

The University maintains a Register of Reviews (PDF 474.1KB). Receipt of a report of a review process is followed by careful assessment of the conclusions and recommendations by the responsible body. Approved recommendations are normally implemented through action plans and are subject to follow-up reports on outcomes achieved. Commissioning bodies maintain records of reviews commissioned, progress and outcomes achieved.

Terms of reference, reports and implementation plans from a selection of reviews can be accessed here: Reviews Terms of Reference, Reports and Implementation Plans.