Division of the Provost

Teaching Consolidation Project

The Teaching Consolidation Project is focussed on working towards the best possible model for the University of Tasmania, both for the people who teach and those who learn here.

Ours is a complex institution and we maintain a curriculum of enormous depth and breadth. Historically, similar units have been taught across multiple faculties and schools.

In October 2014, the Provost initiated the Teaching Consolidation project, which has run under the leadership of the Deputy Provost.

Principally, it has aimed to interrogate available data about how teaching resources are allocated, along with the use of teaching spaces and timetabling. This evaluation has considered whether there are gaps in the data which, if filled, would allow the University to manage its resources and facilities better.

The Teaching Consolidation Project will:

  • Explore the current disincentives for collaboration and the potential for changes that would support more efficient use of effort or resources.
  • Explore the more effective use of existing systems such as timetabling, MyLO and other teaching platforms.
  • Inform the future delivery of teaching at the University, including the development of spaces and infrastructure.
  • Inform Business Intelligence (BI) and Student Management systems to support better data provision.
  • Recommend principles of efficiency to guide future decision making by faculties and institutes.
  • Recommend on mechanisms and governance processes to support teaching collaboration and efficient teaching methods into the future.

A number of working groups comprising senior academic and professional leaders from across the organisation have been advising the project

The Teaching Consolidation Project will finish its current stage of work by October 2015, with the steering committee expected to consider and develop recommendations for other projects, such as Curriculum Renewal, as well as the Senior Management Team.

If you have questions or suggestions for the project leaders, please email the Deputy Provost Professor Sue Dodds (susan.dodds@utas.edu.au).

Relationship to Curriculum Renewal:

The Teaching Consolidation Project and the Curriculum Renewal Project are underway concurrently.  It is essential that the two initiatives are organically linked in order to achieve the best outcome for the University and to avoid any counteracting decisions.

Where the Curriculum Renewal project is looking at the fundamental priorities and focus of the curriculum, the Teaching Consolidation Project is addressing the way in which the curriculum is delivered and governed and potential for collaboration to improve efficient delivery of the curriculum.

While the Teaching Consolidation Project is due to be completed by December 2015 with outcomes implemented progressively in the next academic cycle, the Curriculum Renewal Project will deliver a White Paper in early 2016 with a longer-term implementation cycle as a two – to – three year initiative.

Findings and recommendations from the Teaching Consolidation Project that relate to low enrolment units and courses will be referred to the Curriculum Renewal Project for consideration in the context of the curriculum renewal strategy. Findings and recommendations that relate to delivery and governance of the curriculum also need to be reflected in the White paper.

To ensure integration, three steering group members are common to both projects: Professor David Sadler (DVC S&E – Chair Curriculum Renewal Project); Nigel Ewan (Registrar); and Fiona Wilson (General Manager, Provost).